Monday, June 28, 2010

Rockin' the 'Stache

So Father's Day was over a week ago, but my husband and I just barely gifted these bad boys to our awesome dad's yesterday (better late than never right?).

When I ran across the tutorial for these mustache mugs a few weeks ago on Tortoise and the Hare, I knew I had to make them for our dads. My husband was quickly on board, because what man doesn't love a good mustache? :)

Apparently I'm not very good at drawing so my crafty-supportive husband drew the 'staches for me and then I painted them. And I didn't do a very good job (don't look closely... please) but I still think they made fantastically awesome gifts once we filled them with pistachios, because what man doesn't love a good nut? (Wow... that wasn't meant to be dirty, I promise...).


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