Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mirror/Key Holder Thingy

This is the first "craft" project I have finished for our new place and I looove the way it turned out. Plus, my husband helped so it was a lot of fun, too.

In our many thrift store visits this past week, I found this framed mirror for less than $2. The instant I saw it I knew what I would do with it (my husband had mentioned in passing that he would like a place to hang our keys).

After forking over the <$2, we took it home. I cleaned up the wood and taped up the mirror with a cut up grocery bag and masking tape.

I spray painted it white (it took a few coats). After it dried overnight, I took some sandpaper and went to town. At first I was worried that I was a little too sandpaper happy but in the end I didn't care and just had fun with it. :)

Once that was done, I marked (with a pencil) where I wanted my hooks.

My husband pulled out his drill and bits and made some pilot holes to screw in my hooks. (My husband compared the length of the screw to the hook and placed masking tape on the bit at that point to prevent the drill from drilling too deep. Does that make sense? Let me know if you have questions.)

We screwed in the hooks, took off the tape and plastic, cleaned the mirror, and ta dum: we have a cute and handy dandy key holder. I hung ours by the front door (a convenient spot if I do say so myself).

And now you know how to make one, too! Hooray!

Oh, and because I can't resist sharing... Here is a "sneaky" pic I got of my husband going up the stairs. I hate to see him go but love to see him walk away. ;)


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