Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dollar Tree... Trees!

So, yes... I dropped off the face of the crafting planet. Why? Carpal Tunnel. It hurts... therefore crafting is usually out of the question. BUT, I did manage to make something a few weeks ago and finally took pictures of it today.

I saw some cute glitter trees made from styrofoam trees about a month ago that I thought were super cute. Unfortunately, my husband has a no glitter policy that I kindly obey. I still wanted to make something similar, though. I headed to the Dollar Tree (in my opinion, the best dollar store out there... just ask my husband, I LOVE the Dollar Tree) and picked up 2 styrofoam trees, 2 packages of "decorative container filler" (small colored styrofoam balls; one red, one green), and 1 candle stick.

I painted my trees with some craft paint I already had on hand and let them dry. Then I hot glued away. On one of the trees I glued the candle stick to the base to add some dimension.

And here are my Dollar Tree trees. Not bad for a $5 project.


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