Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Top Sewalong

Blogging hasn't been my top priority lately. I haven't really felt like it... so I haven't. But, I definitely wanted to blog about a top I just finished. Why? 1) I think it turned out super super cute and 2) I'm going to add it to the Spring Top Sewalong contest on Made By Rae (remember how I did that last year?) and 3) it gives me a good reason to brag about how my awesome husband got me a serger for my birthday earlier this month.
And here is the awesomely cute top:

I recently visited my family in Utah and while I was there my sister gave me tons of fabric that she wasn't using. In the pile was this cute white fabric with small navy polka dots on it. I knew I wanted to make a shirt with it so I went through my patterns and found one I thought would work. I changed A LOT of things and the only thing that really ended up like the pattern are the pleats in the front and the closure detail in the back. Everything else I altered to my little hearts desire.

button closure in the back
close-up on the pleats
better view of the sleeve detail
I love it. I really, really do. Having a serger really made a difference in this top. I won't having any fraying edges and it'll hold up better in the wash. Thank you, cute husband and awesome sister for contributing to the making of this shirt.


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