Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I really love color. It makes me happy. My house is slowly becoming a hodgepodge of color. Whenever I start a new project I always think of a new color I want to use... so basically my house isn't color coordinated but not-matching is totally in right now, right? Right? 

Here is a chalkboard I made months and months ago (I'm really good at posting on this blog... obviously... *sheepish face*). Isn't it great? I love how big it is. It was originally intended to help my menu planning endeavors but since I just painted directly over a textured painting, it isn't the greatest at erasing... so I just leave it be. I still love it. Also, this is one of the aforementioned wall hangings in my kitchen/dining area.

See, here is what it looks like over my table.

Here are my coral and white curtains (also made months and months ago). I usually get sick of prints pretty quickly (as far as home decor goes) so I wanted these to mostly be solid with only an accent of a print in the hopes that I wouldn't get sick of them within 6 months. So far so good. I still love them. Also, half-off sales are the only way to buy home decor fabric. That stuff ain't cheap (or maybe I just am...).

Does anyone else have a really hard time photographing curtains?

Lastly (for now), is this awesome pillow cover I made only a few weeks ago (surprised it wasn't months ago? me too). If you saw this post you may have caught a glimpse of it in the background. Cute huh? I attached a doily to some mustard yellow fabric and had instant craft gratification.


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