Thursday, November 3, 2011

Two-toned Infinity Scarf

Guess who is posting a tutorial today? ME! Yay!

It is for this bad boy:

A two-toned infinity scarf! Pretty cute, amiright?

First off, you need two colors of knit fabric (mine each measured about 24x70ish inches).
my fabric is actually folded in half here so it doesn't look as long as it is
With right sides together, zigzag or stretch (if your sewing machine has one) stitch down the two long sides (so you get a long tube). Sorry, no picture...

Switch that tube right side out. Fold your long tube in half (hamburger style - so the open ends meet). Now, it might get a little confusing, but bear with me. I folded my fabric so that the light blue fabric was sandwiched on the inside. I started pinning my light blue fabric together (only through those two layers). Like so...

Keep on pinning. When you reach where the dark blue fabric is (or whatever color you have on the outside of your fabric sandwich), just readjust your fabric and only pin through the dark blue fabric. Keep on going until you have about a 4-5 inch gap from where you started. The bulk of your fabric might get bunchy, but just try to keep it out of the way.

And now start sewing where you just pinned (starting on the light blue or inside color)... again with a zigzag or stretch stitch.
with this picture you can also see what I mean by the fabric bunching up...
Once you are done sewing and you readjust your fabric, you will notice that gap we left open (so we could flip the seams we just sewed inside).

Now just hand stitch that opening closed and you are done! 

Here is another way to wear this cute scarf:

I had extra knit fabric on hand, so I made another one! (I used less fabric on this one so it isn't as long).


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