Thursday, April 22, 2010

Old Favorites

So basically I've dropped off the face of the crafting world. Sorry. In my effort to inspire myself (for when I finally have the time to craft) I decided to re-post some of my favorite craft projects (ya know, from the good ol' days when I had more than enough time to craft).

Can I just say how cute I think appliqued baby onesies are? And this one? I loved it. You can't tell but the blue has tiny white polka-dots all over it. So cute.

A birthday crown and garland. I made this for a giveaway a while ago and I still love it (I even had to go back and make some of that garland for myself). So many bright and happy colors.

 Every time I pull out this scissors case it makes me happy inside. I heart embroidery. And felt.

See? Embroidery = love.


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