Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hair Pretties

Lookie what I made!? Aren't they pretty?

For the first rosette I used a purple (I promise it looks purple in real life) satiny fabric and a sparkly tulle. I just wrapped them together and hot glued to my hearts content. I also covered a black button with the tulle (a couple of times because I didn't want the button to show through) and glued it on. I also added a sparkly tulle tail. So cute. Then I glued some felt and a hair clip on the back.

I heart it.

For the white rosette, I used a soft cotton and added 3 lace folds to the underside (my 8-year old sister-in-law thought it looked like toilet paper without it) and added a button on top.

So simple and pretty! Yay for cute hair accessories (too bad they aren't for me...)!


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