Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blue Lace Tee

Last summer (I think), I made myself a t-shirt from an extra-large shirt I had laying around. I didn't finish any of the edges (yay for knit fabric) so it was super duper easy to make. I wore it a few times and then stopped. It was boring. But not anymore!!

I took some lace and some royal blue Rit dye and got to work.

Once my lace was dyed and dry, I tried my shirt on and pinned the lace in place. I (very) carefully took the shirt off and sewed in place. Here was my first (and failed) attempt at sewing the lace straight. My advice, put more than 3 pins in to hold in place.

crooked... oops :)
And here it is after I unpicked and sewed that blue lace down.

This shirt has now been put back into my summer wardrobe rotation! Success! If you'd like to dye some lace of your own, pick up your supplies at Hobby Lobby! They have a great coupon promotion going on right now! Check it out!

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