Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random T-Shirt Past

So now that you have seen all the tee refashions I've done lately, I thought I'd show you some I did ages ago. There are so so many ways to refashion t-shirts.

Remember the shirt I showed you on Monday? The ombre one? Well, the first time I refashioned it, it ended up looking like this:

I liked the shirt but every time it was washed the corsage part of it looked crumpled to heck and would need to be ironed. So while it was cute it was annoying.

Another one I did, I just chopped off the sleeves, took it in, and added a rosette.

And here is what it looked like on:

When a shirt is just too large, you could always cut off the sleeves, take things in, put the sleeves back on, and gather up the sides like I did on this shirt:

Also, why not sew two t-shirts together?

Stay tuned, there is still one more day to t-shirt week!


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