Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Deer Silhouette

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Remember how in the awesome party in a box post, I mentioned that I also added a gift she could open up at the party? Well, here is that gift.

Deer kitchen towels. S'cute right? I guess I am not over my deer/antler phase.

First, print off a deer silhouette (I found mine with an easy google search). 

Trace it onto the paper side of freezer paper and then cut it out. I had to use tiny, sharp scissors to get to all the small places.

my deer all cut out and ironed on my towel
Once your deer is cut out, iron the shiny side of the freezer paper onto your towel. Make sure the freezer paper adheres well to the towel.

Grab some fabric paint (I found my at Joanns) and a stencil foam brush (a regular foam brush would probably work fine, too) and dab that paint on.

Let dry for a few hours or pull out your blow dryer (if you are impatient).

Once it is dry, gently pull off your stencil. It should come off very easily and you are done!


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