Friday, February 10, 2012

Party in a Box

This gift is what happens when I am terribly homesick, have too much time on my hands, and my sister is turning 30 (TODAY!).

In the box

Yup, an awesome party in a box. Included: paper lanterns, cupcake liners, glittery boxes, napkins, confetti, sprinkles, happy birthday banner, and adorable paper straws. Oh, and a horse (it's for fun). At the last minute (therefore not pictured), I even added a gift she could open at the party (because, honestly, parties are more fun with presents).

This is the most effort/thought I've ever put into a gift. Ever. I'm usually too cheap and too pragmatic to do something like this. Everything coordinates and almost everything is labeled. I even opened the cupcake liners so I could change part of the packaging.

Labels, labels, labels

The part I love the most? The horse. Why? Because it makes me laugh. It started out as a gray dollar store toy and turned into a white dollar store treasure... with a label.

Happy Birthday Liz! I hope all your dreams come true!


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