Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ruffled Baby Jeggings

Even though I've been very, very absent from the blogging world lately I've still been making stuff. Most of it I don't care to photograph and put up but this I just had to share; I think it is so cute.

the gift. ready to be packaged and sent.

My good friend of forever (seriously, we've been friends since elementary school, people) is having her first baby next month. A little girl. And I just had to send her a little package of homemade baby goodies. Included was a cute bib and some hair bows and... these baby jeggings.

They are so cute they kill me (trust me, they are even cuter in person... it was pretty hard to get good photos... darn winter). I found some jegging material (looks like jean/denim material but is actually stretchy spandex) in the remnant section that I couldn't resist and used a baby legging pattern I had on hand. My only concern is the crotch is super super long. I understand the length somewhat because the pants have to go over diaper butt but does it seriously need to be thaaat long? I hope they fit decently.

The ruffles on the ankles are my favorite part. I hope my friend loves these as much as I do. I love them so much I might have to make another pair for whenever we have a baby girl of our own.


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