Friday, February 19, 2010

Guest Post: Floralshowers Craft Blog

I'm so excited to have Anne guest posting today! She is fantastic, so enjoy! --Jess

Hi Everybody! I am so excited that Jessica has asked me to be a guest blogger on All For This Penny! My name is Anne and I can be found over at Floralshowers Craft Blog. I am a big fan of everything crafty: crocheting, sewing and hot glueing (this is a new one since I just barely became a proud owner of a glue gun). I love finding crafty inspirations around the web and I love creating new things.

A few weeks ago Jessica came over to my house and taught me how to applique. (Jessica and I have actually been friends for quite awhile...we met in High School, where we had drivers ed and a sewing class together...and after graduation we were roommates for our first year of college. Ah, the memories!  =)  Anyhow, I had a project in mind that was inspired by Next To Heaven's idea to make Handprint Towels. When I saw the little towels she made, I just HAD to make some myself...but since I didn't know how to applique Jessica kindly came over and taught me and now I will teach you...he he. 

For this project you will need:

* Fabric
* Hand Towel
* Heat n' Bond Light iron-on adhesive

Step 1: Trace your child's hand onto the adhesive paper. (Remembering that the fabric will be attached to the back side so your image will be reversed when you are done.)

Step 2:  Iron your adhesive paper onto the WRONG side of your fabric, following the directions on the package. After it cools, go ahead and cut out the hand print. 

Step 3:  Now you can peel the paper off. The adhesive will be stuck on the back side of your fabric and it will look all pretty and shiny but it wont be sticky. (I think this is the coolest part of this adhesive stuff...I know, so technical here.)

Step 4:  Now you can lay your handprints out on your towel to decide where you want them to go. Then iron them into place.

Step 5: Now you can just do a tight zig zag stitch around your applique. (You can do a decorative hand stitch if you want...but I am kind of impatient) I also sewed some ribbon, and ric-rac along the bottom of my towel.

And then you are done... and it is all ready for your child to run over to it and wipe their dirty chocolate covered face all over it---- not that I would know that from experience =) 


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