Thursday, December 17, 2009

Inexpensive Gift Wrap

My husband and I try to get the most for our dollar (or penny...) and that's a part of the reason we choose to give (mostly) homemade gifts... plus, I LOVE making things. Win, win.

With our desire to be cheap frugal I didn't want to buy any gift wrap stuff this year. We used what we had... and what we had: brown wrapping paper.

For this first gift I made the gift bow from a magazine page. Pretty cute huh? You can find the tutorial here (except I used wayyyyy less glue dots/tape and more staples).

And for this one (which is for a girl) I used some tulle and one of my crocheted hair bows as the topper. Cute and reusable (the bow part). Find my tutorial for the crocheted hair bow here.



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